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July 16, 2003 - 3:24 p.m.

Idiot Savant (sans the 'savant') Part II


So after all this happened I decided to order breakfast. Tyler was fast asleep, so I asked the nurses to take him while I ate, and took a shower. I ate quickly, and bathed quickly-er, and came out to see my son. There was Michelle double swaddling my son, looking quite annoyed. Her words to me?

"He was cold, and hungry! You need to take better care of him. He is not a content baby."

He was indeed fussing. I watched her handle him as if you would handle a football, no wonder he was crying. She pushed him back to my room, and he lied there crying. I picked him up, unswadled him, kissed him and he fell asleep. Let me explain something amazing about my son. He does not usually fuss. In fact here is a picture of him right now as I write this fascinated with Optimums Prime.

That's about all he does. That is about as 'not' content as he gets. SURE he whines and whimpers when he wants food, to be changed, or picked up, but he doesn't fuss to fuss. He is a very content baby. We are so lucky. Needless to say being told basically I was failing as a mother already didn't make me feel any higher of this nurse.


She came in then a bit later when my mother had already arrived. My mom didn't believe me when I said she was a real moron, and mean to boot. My view was soon validated as my mom told me Nick would be there soon. Michelle asked me if Nick was the father of Tyler.

My mother joked saying "He better be seeing as she's married to him!"

Michelle looked at me and rose a brow, in a spiteful tone added.

"Oh you're married. Then why isn't he here with you? He should be here."

I was pissed.

"Well there is not point for him to stay here, we live 10 minutes away, and there isn't really a place for him to sleep. I told him to go home and get rest, he would need it."

She nodded, and then told me it was time to remove my staples that held my incision together. She managed to do this without messing it up.


She came in and asked me how often I was breastfeeding. Tyler's doctor, who is AWESOME, said that to try to establish him on a 4 hour schedule. He may not adhere to it, but it helps him feel secure, and that if he does take to a 4 hour schedule I would have more freedom. Michelle shook her head and said :

"That's wrong you need to breastfeed every hour to two hours or your kid will starve."

So 30 minutes every hour... plus a diaper change, the kid would be glued to my tit. YEAH RIGHT! So I shook my head and told her again what the doctor said. She said he would starve again and left the room.

He's now 9.5 pounds, eating about every 3.5 - 4 hours. He is REALLY starving.

Furthermore she insisted I changed his diaper because she did not have 'time'. Okay, I wasn't supposed to even bend over, or pick up my own son at this point on my own. Diapering required both, my mom instead was there and did it for me.

She came back to check on his umbilical chord, and said surprised "Wow, someone already removed the clamp thingiee." I wanted to smack her. Does she even READ her charts?


It was time for Tyler to get his shot. I signed the paperwork, which by some miracle she remembered to bring. (It was green.) I did not want to be in the room when she gave my son the shot. I just hate needles and couldn't stand to think of what he would feel. So I decided to retreat to the bathroom. She had the nerve to ask me.

"What will you do when he gets circumcised? You have to get used to this."

Then... she did something I couldn't believe. She dropped the syringe on the ground. Needle and all. I stood staring at her, and she looked at it, then me asking me.

"I should probably get a new one huh?"

NO inject my kid with the one that fell on the ground you MORON! I want him to contract what ever lovely diseases run around on hospital floors. She left to get a new syringe my mother looked at me and asked.

"Is this the woman you honestly want to stick a needle into your son?"

I didn't know, but soon she was back and gave him the shot, I made my mom watch carefully. Afterwards she handed him back to me. I went to sit down in the rocking chair, but she did something I again couldn't believe. (I think I gave her far too much credit.) She sat down in the rocking chair before I could get to it. I stared at her, drugged still, tired, sore, with a baby in my arms, and looked at the chair. She started rocking explaining the release procedure. I sat down on the bed with help from my mom. Thank heavens my husband came, and she left.

She really didn't pull too much more crap, but we asked another nurse see us out. Later the at home nurse came over and asked me how my stay was at the hospital. I had nothing to say but WONDERFUL things about the nursing staff. They all kicked butt besides one named Michelle. She asked me what happened. I explained to her what I explained to you, and she nodded. She had her boss call me, and apparently this isn't the first time Michelle has been this way. I hope she corrected her ways, and wasn't just let go. There is a nursing shortage, but I pray she just changed her ways.... that or was sent back to medical school.


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